Ensuite Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

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Budget Ensuite Bathroom

Several factors are considered when building an ensuite bathroom in Canberra, Australia. One of the most critical factors is the cost. You need to set a budget to cater to the ensuite of your choice. Keep in mind that the required budget varies depending on the ensuite that you want to build.

With a reasonable budget, you can add a complex and luxurious ensuite. However, if you are limited by costs, you should not worry as you can still perform bathroom renovations and have an outstanding ensuite. This article offers you great ensuite bathroom ideas on a budget. Read on to find out.

Top Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

Combine Various Fixtures

Combining different fixtures is one of the most fantastic ideas that you can apply while building an ensuite on a budget. You can decide to have combination bathroom furniture like combination vanities. If you combine the toilet with a basin and vanity unit, you will get a great deal and save a lot of money in the process.

Combining vanities and toilets also helps you to save on space. You can check out the fixtures you can combine effectively for your ensuite. By combining these features, you end up saving money and space simultaneously.

Use Cheaper Lookalike Fittings

If you want to swap materials during a bathroom remodel, you can opt for less costly options that look like the real thing. For instance, instead of installing natural wood plank flooring, you can go for luxury vinyl flooring. Modern vinyl flooring looks better than past iterations. Innovations like plank vinyl and luxury vinyl floor can fool the eye from a long distance.

Quartz countertops and high-definition laminate countertops are also great cheap options. Their appearance is similar to that of authentic natural stones. In addition, porcelain tiles and faux stone ceramic backsplashes also mimic marble and travertine, making them great alternatives to consider while working on a budget.

Paint the Wooden Floor

If your modern bathroom has a wooden floor, you can change it and install a more moisture-hardy floor like tile. However, that is a more costly alternative. Luckily for you, you can end up saving a lot of money by keeping the wooden floor and painting it using protective enamel.

However, note that solid hardwood should not be the first option for your ensuite flooring. However, if you already have the wooden floor, painting it is a budget-friendly way to guarantee it lasts many years.

Refinish the Tub Instead of Replacing It

If you are working on a budget, replacing your bathtub should be your last option. Instead, you can opt to refinish or reline it. If the main issue is the look, like a yellowed surface and some nicks and cracks, then refinishing it is a cost-friendly yet practical option for your ensuite. Tub refinishing is a less costly option, and the tub is bound to look better.

One step from completing the whole bathtub surface is performing a touch-up. If your bathtub has nicks, peeling paint, and gouges, but you do not want to refinish the entire surface, you can do a spot fix.

Refresh Your Cabinets with New Hardware

Purchasing and installing new ensuite cabinets can be costly. A budget friendlier and easier way to bring more life to your cabinets is to remove the old hardware and replace it with new ones. To make the process easier, before you get new hardware, ensure that the screw alignment matches the holes of your existing cabinets. This ensures that you do not have to drill new holes.

Installing a New Sink Faucet

Like installing new hardware on your ensuite cabinets, installing a new sink faucet is a cost-effective way to perform bathroom makeovers. This adds sparkle to your sink without having to replace the entire vanity or top.

Installing a Prefabricated Shower

The costliest option for a new shower is to hire bathroom designers to build a custom tile shower from the start to the end. Site-built bathtubs and tile showers are unique and gorgeous; however, if you are working on a budget, you should consider getting a prefabricated shower unit as it is less costly. If you want a tiled shower, you can fuse a poly shower pan with tile. This helps save costs and some hassles.

Avoid Moving Major Plumbing

It can cost you a lot of time and money to move significant plumbing. Thus, you can save a lot of money by leaving the bathing facilities and toilet unmoved. You do not have to move the plumbing if their current locations meet your needs. Moving drainage or water supply drives up the cost of renovation for your budget bathroom.

Migrate the Bathroom Materials

If you have other bathrooms in your home and want to remodel one of them, you have to think of what to do with all these materials. It is less costly to migrate materials from one bathroom to the other. Even trivial materials like curtains, showers, picture frames, and pipes can be migrated to the other bathrooms. This saves you the cost of having to buy new materials for your new ensuite.

Ensuite Lighting

There are different lighting options that you can install in your bathroom. Some are costly, while others are not. When working on a budget, you have several lighting options you can go for and get the desired lighting impact. With a small budget, you can install downlights. If positioned right, downlights give ample lighting for your entire ensuite bathroom, no matter the size.

Keep in mind that feature lighting such as wall pendants have a great look but require a reasonable budget. On the other hand, downlights are easier and cheaper to install. You can get the downlights from your local store for a friendly price and give your ensuite a great look.

Replace the Silicone and Clean the Grout

Most people overlook the grout and silicone in their bathroom ensuite. When the two get ignored, they get mouldy, grimy, and unhygienic. You can give your ensuite a new look by simply replacing the silicone and cleaning the grout around the sink, tub and shower. By doing this, you add a real shine to the overall look of your bathroom.

You will be surprised by the level of transformation you see by performing such a simple task. It is advisable to hire a professional to apply the silicone as excellent skills are needed for the silicone to be applied correctly. You can also opt to recolour the grout. In most cases, you will need to regrout the shower floor.

This is where silicone and grout get affected by soap scum and dirty water. Epoxy grout is the perfect application for the shower floor since it is stain-resistant. In addition, it does not allow water to penetrate.

Vanities and Benchtops

Ensuite benches are smaller compared to those in other parts of your home, like the kitchen. Another way to renovate your ensuite bathroom on a budget is to use slabs with imperfections. Slabs with visible defects are cheaper to purchase and add some character to your bathroom.

Keep in mind that the sink basin takes a lot of space; thus, if these imperfections are situated where the faucets and sink will be, you will not see anything. The trend now is to use old dressers such as sink pedestals. All you need to do is cut the top of the dresser to accommodate the sink.

Designer Flair

You can add bathmats, shower curtains, and towels to your bathroom. They are cheap and have an immediate impact on your bathroom’s look. With these features, you will always see something you love anytime you enter the room. You can also opt for houseplants to add some life to your ensuite.

Some of the less costly plants that you can use include philodendron, aspidistra, ferns, and spider plants. These plants thrive in humid and warm areas, making them perfect for your ensuite. The other option you have is replacing the countertop accessories. You do not have to shop for these accessories.

Go through your cabinets for a mason jar, pretty bowl of soap, or corral for cosmetics. You can also rethink the artwork in your ensuite. You can swap the artwork from other parts of your house or print your favourite photos. You can also get your favourite postcards, images from magazines or books and place them in less costly frames.

Manage the Supplies

The amount you spend during your renovations is determined by how you manage the materials. You may think of floor-to-ceiling tiles or granite countertops, but you cannot afford all these with a limited budget. There are several vanity units and tapware that do not cost a lot of money in modern times.

You can check the price from your local stores in Canberra or do a Google search to find out where you can purchase them at a low price. The cost of buying new tiles for your bathroom walls can be high. As a result, you can swap the tiles for laminate or vinyl wall panels. Otherwise, consider painting the walls.

Choose soothing and nature-inspired colours to give your bathroom a designer touch on a budget. You need to guarantee that you pick mould resistant paint. However, if you have to use tiles, you can limit them to a few areas, such as behind the basin. You can mix them with cheaper tiles to add an accent to save on the cost.

Keep the Space Compact

When working with a tight budget, you should try to keep your ensuite bathroom compact. Therefore, you have to think of the structural changes you want to make. You can reduce the costs by slicing off a small part of your bedroom instead of building a new structure.

You can also squeeze a toilet, vanity unit, and shower into a small space measuring about 1.5m x 2m. Check out fixtures created for corners that can help save on the available space. In addition, you can install a large mirror that helps bounce light, thus creating an illusion of extra space.

You can also use a wall-hung vanity to be the focal point of your bathroom. Another great idea is to add recessed shelves behind your mirror or opt for cabinetry that works as a mirror to help reduce clutter.

How To Decorate Your Ensuite On A Budget

As you build an ensuite, it is good to ensure that it looks great. You can do this by applying different bathroom decorating ideas. Here are some decorative ideas for you to use in your bathroom.

Add Some Paint

A new paint job is a great way to upgrade the look of your ensuite. You can decide to add some paint to the ceilings and walls. Make sure you invest in mould and mildew proof paint and primers. They are less costly and will protect your surfaces from damages for many years.

You can also update timeworn fixtures using paint. Apply frosted glass effect spray paint to enhance your windows’ privacy. You can also give an outdated vanity a new look by applying paint on the base. Adding paint is a cost-effective way to make your ensuite look new again.

Use White Fixtures

To avoid high costs during a bathroom remodel, you should go for neutral finishes and fixtures. Install basic white fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and tubs. They cost less, and they are also easy to maintain. You can additionally save a ton of money by selecting white tile for your floor, backsplash, and tub surround.

However, this is not to mean that your bathroom should be boring. With a plain white field tile, you will be able to splurge on a glass mosaic border. You can make the neutral backdrop lively by selecting more affordable accents like bold artworks, colourful window shades, bright towels, and fresh wall paint. Such cheap accents bring life to the neutral backdrop.

Change the Lighting

You can give your ensuite a luxury look by changing the lighting. You can change the placements and the fixtures. Keep in mind that the swaps do not have to be costly. For instance, you can decide to place a small chandelier featuring crystal drops over the vanity unit for a more sophisticated focal point.

Another great idea is to replace harsh bulb strips around the bathroom mirror using sleek sconces for an instant update. You can also insert lights in the ceiling to easily control the switch. They help create a feeling of tranquillity when you want to enjoy long soaks in your bathtub.

Add a Window Treatment or Rug

Some minor details can make significant impacts on your ensuite. You can soften the hard edges in bathrooms with soft rugs and fun fabrics. Another way is to outfit your ensuite window using an easy, no-sew window treatment. To enhance privacy, you can go for a window treatment with the ability to block light and select materials that stand up to moisture. This is the case if you are remodelling a bathroom with a tub or shower.

Use Wallpaper to Add Colour and Pattern

You do not need to have expensive decors. Wallpaper can do the trick at a meager price. Take design cues from living room designs and apply them in your ensuite. You can use the cues to soften your ensuite’s cold surfaces and hard lines. You can think of vintage furniture, flowing curtains, and elegant patterns.

With modern ventilation systems, it is possible to use wallpaper in your bathroom to improve its overall appearance. Wallpaper does well in the ensuite because it injects maximum colour and pattern in a small space. Finally, consider using a large sheet of glass to seal the wallpaper to protect it from splashbacks.

Have a Gallery Wall

You can create a fully customised ensuite bathroom by having a gallery wall. Include artwork and a colour scheme that showcases your personality and lifestyle. You can go to the extent of incorporating your photos to bring in a more customised effect to your bathroom.

Considerations When Doing Budget Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

It is essential to be careful as you plan to build an ensuite on a budget. You need to avoid some simple mistakes that can stand in the way of you attaining the type of ensuite bathroom you desire to have in your home. Below are some of the mistakes to avoid.

Failure to Develop and Follow a Plan

One great mistake you need to avoid is failing to plan for the ensuite bathroom remodel. Keep in mind that despite having a limited budget, an ensuite bathroom renovation is an investment. You cannot just start working on the project without a well-set plan. If you fail to create a well-detailed plan, you will end up not realising your goals.

As a result, make sure you create and follow a plan from the start to the end of the renovation. Plan the layout well in advance and have set objectives. Understand everything you need, how and who will do the work. Finally, ensure that you have a budget for your project.

Shopping Before You Research

If you shop before performing thorough market research, you are bound to make costly mistakes. As a result, you may end up spending excess money in the process. You need to research in order to find out the stores selling the materials, fittings, and fixtures at a friendly price. In addition, take time to check for the best deals to ensure that you save some dollars in the process.

Trying DIY Remodelling

You may try DIY renovation with the misconception that you will save money in the process. However, this is a great mistake that you must avoid. Bathroom remodelling is a job that requires high-level skills and knowledge. It needs to be done by experts with high-level training in electrical work, plumbing, and all other tasks involved. Professional bathroom designers should do the installation of new fixtures. You get value for your money with high-quality and long-lasting renovation work.

Need Help Making A Budget Ensuite Bathroom?

As you can see from the article, it is possible to have a lavish ensuite even when working on a budget. A good bathroom designer in Canberra can offer you great results no matter the budget. They have the skills and training to customise bathroom renovations depending on different budgets.

The renovators also know where to buy all the essentials at an affordable price matching your budget. With their state of the art tools and techniques, you get a timeless ensuite bathroom on a budget from the professionals. Simply put, the professional offers you value for the money you spend on your renovation project.




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